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Built with Immer

  • react-copy-write Immutable state with a mutable API
  • redux-toolkit The official, opinionated, batteries-included toolset for efficient Redux development
  • immer based handleActions Boilerplate free actions for Redux
  • redux-box Modular and easy-to-grasp redux based state management, with least boilerplate
  • quick-redux tools to make redux development quicker and easier
  • bey Simple immutable state for React using Immer
  • cool-store CoolStore is an immutable state store built on top of ImmerJS and RxJS
  • immer-wieder State management lib that combines React 16 Context and immer for Redux semantics
  • robodux flexible way to reduce redux boilerplate
  • immer-reducer Type-safe and terse React (useReducer()) and Redux reducers with Typescript
  • redux-ts-utils Everything you need to create type-safe applications with Redux with a strong emphasis on simplicity
  • react-state-tree Drop-in replacement for useState that persists your state into a redux-like state tree
  • redux-immer is used to create an equivalent function of Redux combineReducers that works with immer state. Like redux-immutable but for immer
  • ngrx-wieder Lightweight yet configurable solution for implementing undo-redo in Angular apps on top of NgRx and Immer
  • immer-yjs Combine immer with CRDT library y.js for easy json data manipulation
  • immerhin Sync state with undo/redo
  • ... and many more